Asking & Listening – June 2016

In late June 2016 we posted, via twitter, a brief survey that we thought might be of interest to some of our friends / followers or just members of the public who happened up on it.  Listening widely is of paramount importance to us and that’s why we’ve started to use this kind of tool to capture people’s thoughts on issues relating to the area in which we work. Sometimes they are critical, which is useful! All of us – especially men involved in this kind of work – need to listen to voices that reasonably take us to task or point out shortcomings or inconsistencies. That is vital.

We thank the people who took part in this and many other little ‘twitter polls’ over the last few months – your voices and perspectives provide much for consideration.

The PDF of the responses – here –  is taken verbatim from the online survey. No answers have been omitted.

AC2M UK Survey June 2016