A CALL TO MEN UK approaches its core aims of eliminating violence against women and girls (and ultimately, violence per se) in various ways. Primarily, we seek to engage boys and young men in structured dialogues delivered by trained coaches. Secondly, we publicly engage in calling out misogynistic behaviour of companies, organisations and institutions that are acting in ways that entrench the objectification of women, that seek to reduce their reproductive rights, that reinforce gendered views of both men and women or which seek to deny the clearly gendered nature of interpersonal violence.

We are critical of gender as a concept as we believe it reinforces imbalances of power, entrenches stereotypes and limits human potential.

These beliefs and approaches will see us participating in petitions, campaigns, protests that are complementary to our overall aims. Usually this is done with others – and often it is enacted in social media. Follow us on @acalltomenuk for a flavour of this.

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