A CALL TO MENUK is committed to ending domestic and gender based violence. Our work promotes healthy, respectful ways of ‘being a man’ and shifts the attitudes that devalue women, girls and other marginalised groups.

We are a national violence prevention organisation. We seek to engage men and boys in preventing men’s violence against women and girls. We know the majority of men are well meaning, respectful men.  We know the majority of boys and young men will grow to be caring and responsible men. That means the minority of men perpetrate violence, yet nearly all violent crime is perpetrated by men. We believe the silence of the majority affirms the actions of the minority. Our silence makes us complicit. Our silence makes us very much part of the problem. Sustainable change will need the active participation of men and men’s organisations to end men’s violence.


As an organisation we recognise the value of applying a public health approach to our work.  Just like any illness or disease abuse and violence has a cause.  Tackling symptoms will only impact for the short term. Addressing causes will help provide longer term solutions that impact across the UK.  In many cases abuse and violence are entirely preventable.


Our work seeks to look at the relationships we all have and how these can impact negatively on individual behaviours. By looking at issues within a wider societal setting we can clearly identify the impact of harmful societal norms on our communities and on individuals.


All our work is framed as a compliment to the empowerment of women as individuals, within relationships and across society. Our work inspires men and boys to both change themselves and align themselves with women to deepen and sustain the goals of gender equality.


A CALL TO MENUK uses the Man Box to illustrate the collective socialisation of men. The Man Box identifies the limitations on what a man is supposed to be and what he believes. These expectations are taught to men – sometimes unconsciously – and reinforced by society. In the man box, men are supposed to be:


1. Powerful and dominating

2. Fearless and in control

3. Strong and emotionless

4. Successful – in the boardroom, the bedroom and on the sports field


In the Man Box, women are objects, the property of men, and of less value than men. The teachings of the Man Box allow violence against women, girls and other marginalised groups to persist. The more we increase and promote healthy and respectful ways of ‘being a man’-ways that value women and girls- the more we decrease and prevent domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, homophobia and even gun violence and knife crime