Our Coaches

To date we have trained approximately 70 coaches who deliver our programmes directly with boys and young men, or whose professional practice is informed by principles covered in our training. They are a diverse group of men and women – Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Pastoral Leaders in schools and colleges, Youth Workers, Sports Coaches, Foster Parents, Early Help and Family Support staff – who share a desire to make a positive difference.

They want to use their contact with boys and young men to encourage creative dialogues, to open up respectful spaces for discussion about societal messages around what it means to be a man and what expectations and restrictions that can place on young men, sometimes leading to harm for them and the women and girls in their lives.

The staff we train are almost always already employed within institutions like schools, colleges, sports clubs, social services, Youth Justice teams – we don’t parachute people in for short periods. The benefit of training embedded staff is that they are familiar faces to the boys and young men and can also contribute to gradual shifts in the culture of their own workplaces.

A sample of FreeUP – Living Respectfully coaches trained in the last 2 years includes men & women from:

  • Warwickshire Youth Justice Team
  • Kidderminster District Youth Trust
  • Durham University
  • The ContinU Trust consortium of High Schools (x 7 schools)
  • The Chantry High School
  • Match Foster Care
  • Redditch and Bromsgrove Children’s Services
  • 10:32 Wyre Forest
  • Action For Children Worcester City